OHA Youth Outreach Trailer

The Oregon Hunter’s Association Youth Outreach Trailer is a mobile exhibit designed to educate children about nature and wildlife in the great state of Oregon. Working with another designer at Formations Inc. under the supervision of a creative director, I played a lead role in establishing the graphic style for this project as well as laying out the interpretive panels.

We created a photo-mural to wrap the entire interior of the trailer in order to evoke the feeling of entering into one of Oregon’s many beautiful forests. Several photos were composited together to represent different stages of forest growth.


Our design approach focused on showcasing the stunning natural beauty of Oregon in an engaging way. We used dynamic compositions of photography and bold, exciting headline typography to make the mobile exhibit engaging for our younger target audience.


Scent bottles with accompanying graphics help visitors engage their sense of smell to deepen the learning experience.

Front panel layered with a spinning disk adds interest to the exhibit.

When the puzzle is solved correctly a message about sustaining the forest is illuminated.

These interactive spinners teach children about a variety of animal species that are native to Oregon.

This rolling cart contains a hands-on activity and helps draw visitors to the exhibit entrance.