I colorized this iconic photo of the brothers that we turned into life-sized cutouts welcoming visitors into the exhibit area.
 Vertical panels with bold headlines serve as introduction panels for each exhibit area.
 This interactive activity teaches visitors about ‘wing warping’ and serves as a centerpiece of this part of the visitor center.
 The back wall features a timeline, an interactive detailing some of the challenges the brothers faced and photos of the Wrights’ in action.
 An example of the “Dayton” style gives the viewers a glimpse into the Wright Brothers’ Ohio workshop with panels interpreting historic artifacts.
 Large cutouts of historic photos are featured showing the Wrights as they start to find success.
 An iconic first flight photo is the focus of this area where the Kitty Hawk style is applied.
 This series of concave panels takes the visitors through the various iterations of the Wrights’ inventions; complete with dynamic use of historic photos, tactile/braille diagrams and rotating scale-models.
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