Visitors are greeted by a welcome panel introducing the social history of the area around Nome as well an eye-catching display about seasonal changes in the region.
 This landscape mural is supported by panels about cultural history and wildlife in the region. An interactive shows visitors that there is even a story to be discovered under their feet.
 This scene shows how a Bering Straight family would use a recreation ‘skinboat’ for shelter. The reader-rail in front offer further interpretation and houses iPads for visitors to interact with.  The red color scheme in this area represents the unique hue of the soil in the area.
 This exhibit is about the unique challenges of travel via land, sea and air in such a harsh, remote region.
 This mural tells the amazing story of  The Nome Serum Run  and features Fritz, one of the heroic sled dogs from that famous journey.
 This area uses a cool blue color scheme and inspiring imagery to tell visitors about the Iditarod: “The Last Great Race On Earth”.
 In this corner, our team created the warm, cozy feel of a local kitchen to help us show, as well as tell, visitors about the unique cuisine of the region.
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